Recordings of The Rarely Herd began in 1990 from the original "Live at the Rec Center" until the current "Roundup, Volume One". As of Roundup, eleven recordings have been produced and sold.


The Herd formed their own recording label (Herd Records) in 2003 when their contract with, Orlando based, Pinecastle Records was fulfilled. Since leaving Pinecastle Records back in 2002, many of the hard-copy recordings (CDs) produced by Pinecastle have been deemed out-of-print. 


Contact us if interested in any of these recordings below...we might, at best, find a source. Some individual re-recorded songs can be found at this site, and most projects are downloadable in full at online suppliers such as Walmart.com, Emusic.com, Amazon.com, etc.


"A Part Of Growing Up" 2000

Produced by Ronnie Reno. With special guests Rob Ickes and Carl Jackson

01) Gone But Not Forgotten

02) When Haley Came To Jackson

03) Peace Unknown By Man

04) Steel Town

05) Nedscape Navigator

06) Sinners Plea

07) Part Of Growing Up

08) Lift These Chains

09) Siloam Springs

10) Perfect Fool

11) I'll Always Be Waiting For You

"Coming of Age" 1999

Produced by Ronnie Reno. With special guests Don Wayne Reno and Rob


01) That Ain't No Way To Go

02) Moonville Brakeman

03) Long Black Beauty

04) Nobody Loves You Like Me

05) Love Please Come Home

06) Holy Holy Holy

07) You Can Hang Your Coat

08) My Virginia Girl

09) Oh Tennesse Girl

10) One More Night

11) When Will I Let Go


"What About Him"1998 Produced by Butch Baldassari. With special guests Rob Ickes, Gene Wooten, Sheldon Feasel and Mike Bub "Dove Award Nominee"

01) Keep On Walking

02) Nothing Can Hold Me Here

03) Heartbeat

04) Come And Dine

05) Go Tell John download

06) Every Knee Shall Bow

07) What About Him

08) Thank You Lord

09) God's Own Light

10) Search Inside An Empty Tomb

11) Walkin' On Holy Ground

"Pure Homemade Love" 1996

Produced by Butch Baldassari.

01) Once Upon A Heartbeat

02) King Of Broken Hearts

03) Pure Homemade Love

04) Bobby & Sarah

05) Blue Yesterdays

06) Anybody Else's Heart But Mine

07) Keep the Candles Burning  download

08) I Don't Know Why

09) Union Mare and Confederate Grey download  

10) I Can Face The Rain

11) Bend In The River

"Heartbreak City" 1994

Produced by Butch Baldassari.

01) Well Alright

02) (She's Leavin') Carolina Behind Her

03) Mystery Train download 

04) Heartbreak City

05) The River

06) If God Be For Us

07) Oh Yonder Hills

08) Sweet Beaulah Land download

09) I Haven't Seen Mary In Years

10) I & Young Billy

11) Hekyl and Jekyl

"Midnight Loneliness" 1992 Produced by Butch Baldassari.

01) Midnight Loneliness

02) Simon Crutchfield download

03) I Call Her Sunshine

04) Preachin Up A Storm download

05) Driving Nails

06) Arizona sample

07) Rain All Night

08) Oh Mary (Don't You Weep) download

09) Long Line Of Love

10) While I'm Gone

11) Darcy Farrow

12) Feed My Sheep

13) This Is My Year For Mexico

14) The Last Time (you'll see Jenny) download

"The Fish Song,Living in a Mobile Home" 1993

The first single release by The Herd.



"Live at the Rec Center" 1990

Recorded 'Live' in Athens, OH. Includes longtime favorites such as:

Legend of the Rebel Soldier

I've Been Everywhere, Man

Good Woman's Love

"Live in Kissimmee" (Video)...1997

Over ONE HOUR of Rarely Herd music, comedy and 'off stage' antics.

01) I Call Her Sunshine

02) Heartbreak City

03) (She's Leaving) Carolina Behind Her

04) If God Be For Us

05) Oh, Mary

06) While I'm Gone

07) Come And Dine

08) Midnight Loneliness

09) Hekyl & Jekyl (Inst.)

10) The King Of Broken Hearts

11) The Last Time

12) Once Upon A Heartbreak

13) Search Inside An Empty Tomb

14) I And Young Billy

15) Walking On Holy Ground

16) Bobby & Sarah

17) Every Knee Shall Bow

18) John Henry (Inst.)

19) Blue Yesterdays

20) Keep The Candles Burning Burning

21) Yonder Hills Of Old Virginia

22) Feed My Sheep

23) Rain All Night

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