Upcoming Events

Oct 14-15 Rio Grande, OH -Bob Evans Farm Fest
Show Times:
Fri Oct 14th, 3pm and 7pm
Sat Oct 15th, 11am and 6:00pm with Craig Morgan

2017 Feb 3rd Nashville, TN -SPBGMA Convention
2017 Feb 4th Nashville, TN -SPBGMA Convention
2017 Feb 5th Nashville, TN -SPBGMA Convention, Host of the Bluegrass Awards

*** The Rarely Herd (original touring group) is currently not pursuing traveling engangements. We are simply taking a break to enjoy our grandchildren and families. We are still writing songs and performing some close to home, and may kick back into it sometime soon, if the others would like to.

If there is a show that you would like us to be part of, please call Jim Stack, 740-591-0857, and we will see what we can do. Thank you!

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