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Simon Crutchfield's Grave

I remember very well a tale my Daddy used to tell

about ol' Simon Crutchfield and his friends

Now Mary was his pretty wife

and they loved every breath of life,

before they took ol' Riley Harper in.

Now Simon plowed and worked the fields,

Mary cooked their meals,

and Riley kept and eye out on the plains

Still no one knows just when this

episode came to an end,

they only knew of Simon Crutchfields grave.

Mary Crutchfield, you should be ashamed.

Get on your knees and pray your soul be saved

Riley Harper, if the devil is to blame,

why can't you drive by Simon Crutchfields grave?

In the year of 1864, a blizzard came across the moor.

All the crops were sold out, none were saved

And the only way to get to town

was a wagon road that wound around,

thru the woods by Simon Crutchfields grave

Now some folks say that they layed there

at least six months or more

before an old fur trapper found their bones

He claimed they wrote their epitaph

upon the cabin door

just as it reads today on marble stone

Mary Crutchfield, here lies Mary Crutchfield.

Cause she betrayed the love that Simon gave

Riley Harper, here lies Riley Harper.

Cause he couldn't drive by Simon Crutchfields grave.

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